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Does my bottom look big in this…..? Model Shoot at San Diego Zoo


Happy Monday…. sorry I could not resist, on our day at San Diego Zoo I desperately tried to get a shot of the Zebras, but alas in the true mantra of never work with children or animals, they were far more interested in their morning snack that me trying to be David Attenborough.  But not to be deterred I think I got a good pic of their bottoms!!!….. No I will never grow up it seems!

Fortunately a few of the other animals at the Zoo were a little more forthcoming!


Eddie the Elephant did their hair specially for me, the straw look… The meerkat misplaced her bikini for the shoot so maintained a little modesty.





Oh and starting them young with the baby wear shoot!





It all got a bit much for Percy Polar bear…. but I was not going to argue with him if you know what I mean!



I hope you have a great week…. meanwhile on with the colourful adventure


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La Jolla – A relaxing start, dispelling myths and meeting new friends


One of the first stops on the journey was a quaint and beautiful little town in San Diego called La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) yes I pronounced it like it was a little Jolly! – Apologies for all those that I offended! Although I did manage to get my own back when I was asked to throw another shrimp on the BBQ….. Much to my friends dismay I had to dispel the myth that Aussies call prawns “shrimps”….. Mr Paul Hogan was scripted purely for the American market I am afraid….. anyway I digress.

For those of you who love a quaint little town ,with an abundance of wild life then this is a must stop for you, where you are guaranteed to bump in to the odd seal lapping up the afternoon sun on the beach or peruse around The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

I am not really a travel writer, but love to take pictures so forgive me if I just stop with the words and give you the pictures!

Introducing my new friend Sammy!



Obviously Sammy had the right idea and found a beach away from the crowds….









Well hopefully you are nice and relaxed…. on with the colourful adventure…


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Spice of Life – Indian Interior Influence



India is synonymous as the country of colours. whether it be the colourful culture, the streets, the tales that you hear told, the religious symbolism or the sari’s and jewels. From the deep reds of a wedding dress, the orange marigolds displayed in celebrations, or the spices and dyes that laden the markets.

Source – Open Travel


Source (Calcutta Holi Best)

One commentator on colour has suggested that;

“a country as diverse and culturally vibrant as India, it is perhaps the common, simple expressions of colour that hold together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions. The symbolism of colour stands out and controls every aspect of life in India, be it religion, politics, festivals, or celebrations. In India, be it the north, south, west, or east, colour and culture go hand in hand.”

So in honour of this vibrance, and perhaps because I am writing this on a very grey day in Sydney, I thought I would showcase a few interiors and accessories which take inspiration from this celebration of colour and culture.

From using a dash of celebration to bring to life a predominantly white space.

Source ElleDecor

Source ElleDecor

I love this idea to make a small child’s room seem spacious, it certainly beats a racing car bed or an over explosion of pink! New york based interior Photographer Pieter Estersohn has created a little palace for his son by creating a wallpaper from one of his photographs….

Source Elle Decor - Photograph Pieter Estersohn

Source Elle Decor – Photograph Pieter Estersohn

Maison Coloniale

Maison Coloniale

Spicy Accessories

Kerrie Brown - Indian Princess with Lute

From these unique and whimsical blinds by Sydney designer Kerrie Brown.

Kerrie Brown Indian Rider Blind

To recycled vintage Sari Quilt covers from Niki Jones

vintagekanthaquilts -

Vintage Kantha Quilts – Niki Jones

My favourite has to be this light shade from Kerrie Brown…..

Kerrie Brown Indian Princess with Lute Lampshade

Kerrie Brown Indian Princess with Lute Lampshade

Hand blown glass pendants from Rockett St George are the perfect way to add a subtle flavour of indian colour to your home.



Or on a cold day snuggle up in these kantha quilts from

Vintage Kantha Throw -

Which is your favourite?…. mean while on with the colourful adventure..


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Sydney Treasure Trove


One of my favourite stores in Sydney has to be Doug Up On Bourke Street…. many an hour can be lost looking around at all the amazing finds…. the perfect inspiration point.  Pretty much if you are looking for it they always seem to find it…. even if you did not know you were looking for it.

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy my little journey around the store….mean while on with the colourful journey……


From sail boats to boat oars…….


Step ladders and storage chests….


Vanity cases….


Anchors and Bhoys……..


My mate Burt…. he needs to clean his teeth though


Cobblers trade tools…….


A case to match every outfit…….


My ride home…….


Antique bugaboo…


Bus routes or sailing boats…..


Bottled up……



Letter blocks……….


And just in case the car breaks down…..


And finally somewhere to hang my hat…..


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Creatively Speaking – Le Sorelle

Last year I posted on Le Sorelle a business which was created by four sisters and their parents in Tuscany Italy. Gemma and her mother have kindly agreed to be interviewed, and I thought a little escapism to Tuscany would be good for us all after the Christmas break and the reality of getting back to work.  So sit back and grab yourself a cup of tea…. Thankfully their English is beta than my Italian!

How did Le Sorelle come about?

The name of our store was an idea of our youngest sister Gaia. We were all sitting at the table, trying to decide a nice name for our first store and suddenly Gaia, who was just 3 years old, said: “ Why don’t we call it “Le sorelle”? We are 4 sisters!And we all loved it!!


What, where and/or who inspires you?

                   We are inspired by our beautiful landscape, Tuscany!


You have a very family orientated business, what are all of your strengths. 

Our strength is to be a family where each one tries to bring good and new creative ideas to our business.

How would you each describe yourself in 3 words? 


Le Sorelle family

Le Sorelle Family

Where do you see Le Sorelle in 5 years time?

We see us in the same place, Tuscany, trying to find new ideas for our business and hoping to be a little bit more known around the world.


Le Sorelle Store Tuscany


Which is your favorite product and why?

I think our favourite product is our Uashmama® paper bag…it’s something you can use for whatever!! For bread, plant, candies, soaps, towels…and the list could be soooooo long!



What has been the most exciting point in your careers to date and why?

One important point of our career was the fair in Frankfurt, where we were exhibiting our Uashmama® products in August; it was really successful!

Do you have any major projects in the pipeline at the moment? Can you share these with us?

We have some big projects but…it’s to early to reveal them:)

If you could set up a store in any other place in the world where would that be?

We would love to be in Sydney with a small “Le sorelle” store (Hopefully I will get an invite to the opening girls!!….)

If I were coming to visit your home town where would be the must stop place or places for me to visit?

We would bring you to our favourite restaurant in Lucca: Canuleia; a very cosy place where the owners, Paolo and Yuriko, make you feel at home, serving you wonderful and special dishes! (I am there!!!)

Describe your perfect Day

Answer from my mother:



“Wake up in a sunny day,have a big healthy breakfast, have a walk with my two Jack Russell (Teo and Brando), go to work in my shop in Lucca (my second home!) and be back home where my daughters have prepared dinner for me and the all family”

“But…It’s  a dream…(comments by the daughters..hahaha)”


Now as much as I love your shop, I love cooking and am always eager to find out a new recipe… what is your favorite dish to cook?

This is our famous PAPPA AL POMODORO recipe:


Ingredients for 4 people:

500 g (about 2 cups) peeled tomatoes, chopped

250 g (about 1/2 lb) stale bread (preferably Tuscan bread), cut into smallish pieces

1 liter (about 4 cups) vegetable broth, warmed

4 cloves of garlic, minced

basil, chopped coarsely

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper


Put the bread in a large bowl and pour the warm broth over it, cover and set aside for at least 1 hour.

Over medium heat and in a wide pot, pour the oil and sauté the garlic. Add the tomatoes and a dash of salt and pepper. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

Go back to your bread, which should have absorbed most of the broth. Add the bread to the pot, squeezing it a bit with your hand as you do so to eliminate any excess broth. Cook for at least 15 minutes, stirring every so often with a wooden spoon.

Serve warm, adding a bit of fresh cut basil and a swirl of good olive oil on top.

I hope that you enjoyed…..meanwhile on with the colourful adventure….


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Creatively Speaking – Adam Jones – Quercus and Co

I have posted a couple of posts on Quercus & Co which is a newly established wallpaper company in Sydney.  Adam Jones the founder and creative talent behind the beautiful wallpaper has kindly agreed for me to interview him and, well time to grab a cuppa, sit back and relax and read on……

How would you describe your work and style?

“I started Quercus & Co earlier this year to design and print wallpaper. I love pattern in general but it’s the all-surrounding eye bending nature of pattern on walls that specifically interests me. I also have a penchant for paper and the quality of marks on paper – inky washes, scratchy charcoal, soft pencil, painterly blobs –it’s these qualities I like to bring to wallpaper. I print with the latest professional inkjet technology onto premium non-woven wallpaper. The digital revolution is incredibly exciting and of course in all honesty, I do love the old school techniques… but a hand-painted watercolour over an entire wall …this is easily done with digital printing.”

What, where and/or who inspires you?

“There are so many things… I’ve devoured magazines like World of Interiors for years – I love the eccentric aristocratic interiors; early/mid 20th artists, both their work and their homes – check out Edward Bawdens house  – just delightful!

Edward Bawden’s House

The V & A museum and its textile collection and now Pinterest – it’s brilliant how you can follow through links and find the original images, great for research.”

Where did your love of wallpaper design come from and what makes your style unique to you and Quercus & Co?

“I grew up in the 70s in the UK and like many families our house was covered from top to toe in colour and pattern. Even our ceilings had painted polystyrene patterned tiles (I don’t think these would get past fire regulations anymore let alone the style police). I became short-sighted in my teens and was convinced it was because I had stared at the wallpaper for too long – my eyes would go blurry trying to figure out the pattern and how it had been put together. My grandfather was a jigsaw puzzle fanatic and customized his kitchen table with layers of shallow shelves so that he could work on several pictures at a time. Designing wallpaper is like solving a puzzle, moving the motifs around until they slot into place.  As you get older different influences in life pop into your mind and you think ‘ah, that’s where that came from’. I went on to art school and completed a degree at Goldsmiths College, London.

The ‘Quercus style’ is hand-drawn or painted, or hand-crafted, very ‘wabi-sabi’. The designs are printed with a professional inkjet printer in our Redfern studio. I’m very excited about digital printing technology, the possibilities are endless and as with all technology it’s changing at a fast and fabulous pace but at the end of the day it’s basically ink on paper.”

Where did the name Quercus & Co originate from?

“Quercus is the botanical name for Oak Tree, a genus of tree found all over the world and loaded with history and superstition.”

Which is your favorite personal project and why?

“It’s always the next one. My head is constantly swimming with ideas, the hardest thing is staying focused – and completing – what I’m working on.”

What has been the most exciting point in your career to date and why?

“Having only started this new venture less than a year ago the exciting points are still the small things – each time I see the printer churning out my designs I feel thrilled, and again when I see the wallpaper installed in a room, which can be kind of weird, it has a very different energy than when it’s in the production process – soft and gracious, it feels like someone else made it!”

Do you have any major projects in the pipeline at the moment? Can you share these with us???

“The latest collection Caravan is inspired by vintage textiles. I ran out of time to explore ‘Shibori’, so this is on the list to finish very soon.

I designed a 4m high scenic-chinoiserie style gold wallpaper for Fat Noodle in the Treasury, Brisbane. It’s being installed this month, I’m excited and nervous!”

Preparation work for the Brisbane Restaurant – Work In progress

If you could have your wallpaper displayed anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be displayed?

“I love wallpaper in people’s homes and personally prefer it on all walls not just as a feature. It would be lovely to see it in a grand historic home.”

What would be your dream commission?

“A beautiful, boutique hotel – patterned entirely throughout! It would be great to explore the shift in mood and colour from the reception area to the dining room, the hallways and bedrooms.”

For someone coming to visit your home town where would be the must stop place or places be for them to visit ?

“I take new visitors on a drive along the coast from Clovelly to Watsons Bay. The Gap is one of my favourite places in Sydney, dramatic and sublime no matter what the weather.  Lunch at Kitchen By Mike

Kitchen By Mike

Bourke St Bakery

or coffee and cake at Bourke St bakery – easy, low key and very much what locals like to do. White Rabbit Gallery always has something amazing on show.”

Describe your perfect day

“A perfect work day is when I’m drawing or painting a new design, usually on the weekend when I can legitimately shut off all other aspects of the business. Firstly pottering around at home, watering the plants, eating a relaxed breakfast and then later in the day my partner will pick me up from the studio and we to go the beach – Little Congwong on Botany Bay. Just an hour or so of late afternoon Sydney sun is enough to feel like you live on permanent holiday.”

Now as much as I love your work, I love cooking and am always eager to find out a new recipe… what is your favorite dish to cook?

I’m not a great cook but do enjoy experimenting, even unsuccessfully! This is a fool-proof modest dish and very easy to modify depending on what you have in the fridge.

Vine ripened cherry tomatoes

Kalamata olives

A few cloves of garlic

Torn pieces of proscuitto

Fresh or dried oregano

Liberal amounts of extra virgin olive oil


Crumbled feta

Basil leaves

Pop all the first ingredients onto a baking tray in the oven and roast until the tomatoes are browned and the prosciutto crispy. Toss with the fettucine and sprinkle with feta, basil and a dash more olive oil.

Variations can include added eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, chilli or swap the prosciutto for  anchovy or pepperoni or chorizo! The better quality the ingredients, the tastier the flavour.


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Sculpture By The Sea – Tamarama to Bondi

Each year in October the coast line from Bondi to Tamarama becomes an open air art gallery hosting Sculptures By The Sea.  The event showcases modern sculptures by artists from around the world.  Now in it’s 16th year it gets better and better, whats more you get a good exercise along the 2km walk!

My three favourites have to be the glass sculpture above by Japanese Sculptor Toshio lezumi,  “Upside Down Again” by Norwegian Sculptor  Hilde A Danielsen (the wooden sculpture below), and “The Optimist” by Australian Sculptor Stephen Marr (The man in a sky suit below)…. although I have included a slide show of many others which were just as great. Which is your favourite?

The Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On with the colourful journey……………….


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