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Walter G – Sumptuous Tales of Textile Travellers


Struck by the lack of colour in Australia and the western world, Sydney friends Lauren Bennett and Genevieve Fennel started Walter G in 2011.  Supplying a range of high end, handmade textiles and soft furnishings which are designed and made in India and Australia.


“Upon returning from one of their many adventures, they looked down at their bags, overflowing with sumptuous textiles, and looked at each other and agreed that it was a little greedy of them to keep such treasures all to themselves.  They decided they must find a way to share them with the rest of the world.” – We are very glad you did!!

I love that you are introduced to the special artisans who are part of this creative process, whilst they may be based in India they are certainly part of the team that is Walter G. You get a little bit of history on each of the team. For example  you can meet Kantha the block printer who is boss (according to her hubby)!


Meet Kantha

“Walter G endeavours to alter the common Western perception of these textiles as being ‘foreign’ and out-dated, to ‘inspired’ and of rich heritage, ensuring the survival of traditional textile techniques in the modern world.”

Here is a little sample of their offerings…. and if you have time you may want to check out their blog which is full of colourful inspiration with pictures of Indian streets, life, and fabric trimmings… if anything it brings a little colourful cheer into your day.

Jaipur Cushion

Jaipur Cushion

mirrored dowry

mirrored dowry

Squiggles Canvas

Squiggles Canvas

Buti Canvas

Buti Canvas

Harem Silk

Harem Silk

Dark Original Lady Lamp

Dark Original Lady Lamp

Plum Harlequin Geni Lamp

Plum Harlequin Geni Lamp

Dark Original Turban Shade

Dark Original Turban Shade

Cubed ottoman

Cubed ottoman

On with the colourful adventure………


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Textile Taxidermy – Donya Coward

Nottingham based textile artist Donya Coward’s creations bring a little whimsy and sparkle with them.  With projects for UK anthropology, Fenton & Fenton and Paul Smith to name but a few, it is no wonder that designers have coined her work as “textile taxidermy at it’s very best” (Abigail Ahern).

All of Donya’s artworks are made using Victorian, Antique, Vintage Nottingham and French laces, embroideries, embellishments, fabrics and haberdashery. There is an emphasis on ensuring that the work preserves and showcases the materials used, as much as the animal forms that are being created.  Even the materials used are kept untouched to keep the stories from the rusty pin which once held it together, or the repairs and marks that have happened through it’s journey.

 All works are hand embroidered by Donya on a commission basis, creating one off bespoke pieces. I love the detail of these pieces, and I am falling for the cute little bull dog on the William Morris backed frame….. Let me know what you think…

Meanwhile on with the colourful journey…….


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Hand Made in France – Manon Gignoux

Parisian Manon Gignoux is cited as one of the many influences of my interviewee tomorrow. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigate… and I am glad I did!

Gignoux describes her work as the meeting between clothes, body and decor, and as such creates unique hand made fabric sculptures, clothes dressed objects and accessories.   The result lies between art and fashion….. not a bad place to be!!!

I love the inspirational photo’s as much as the finished pieces.  I hope that you enjoy too….

Influences and Interpretation

Manon sites a number of influences in her works, the Portraits of Dorothea Lange being one where the wear and tear of the fabric that they wear tells a story of the experiences of the wearer.


source “iconic photo’s” Dorothea Lange

“The material and shape of the clothes can end up containing the story of a person, this is a truth conquered the force of look I am trying to deploy then by seeking past lives in the material traces that people left, not to make history but to imagine their memory.”

Garbage collection

On journeys through the city on her push bike Manon loved to collect discarded clothes and objects which formed inspiration for her work… quite literally “up cycling” …..

Manon Gignoux Studio | Paris

source Eric Valdinaire – Manon Gignoux’s Studio Paris

Manon Gignoux Studio | Paris

Manon Gignoux Studio | Paris


The family home

Manon’s family home has been in the family for seven generations.  She began to photograph the details trying to look at the objects, clothing and furniture from a different perspective….


More of Manon’s beautiful work…


I love it all the textures and the colour palettes and the whimsical charm….. how about you, let me know what you think.

Meanwhile on with the colourful journey………………….


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Buttons and Bows, Quilts and Hats – Getting the needle out!

Source Amy Butler

As a kid a haberdashery would be the next best thing to a sweet shop, yes before the world of Nintendo DS and iPads, I enjoyed sewing and making stuff in general. I had a dream that I was going to be a fashion designer and would make outfits for my Barbie dolls and my brothers Action Men (although alas I fear most of my designer army wear was not appreciated – maybe I was just ahead of my time adding in florals)… so this is perhaps why I ended up studying Law instead.

Arty shot of my original 1997 Graduation Dress (hand made by Moi) – Yes I still have it….and no I don’t fit into it anymore…. hence the floral dummy!

At uni I still carried on a little bit of sewing (above)…. more out of necessity to make a cocktail dress or two from Vogue patterns… and then it stopped – generally because material seemed to cost more than buying something off the peg so I lost the inclination.  Well my sewing machine is still there ready for action and, perhaps inspired by the sewing machines at the All Saint’s stores in London, I thought I would dust it off and have a little look at what is new in the world of patterns – Although I think I will steer clear of the fashion thing…. for the moment anyway… although maybe I could consider the Army Floral designs again… perfect camouflage for meadows!

Nicole Mallalieu

Perhaps my first starting point should be “You Sew Girl” by Nicole Mallalieu, it claims to give you the confidence and know-how to be as creative as you can be. – Ship it in baby! With my skills being self taught, they are a little rough around the edges (if you can’t see it who cares kind of thinking!).  But the real reason Nicole caught my eyes is due to the fact she specialises in simple but funky patterns that most of us mere novices could hopefully do… we are not just talking table clothes and hankies…. but hats and bags which you can funk up with your own choice of fabrics.

The adult Fedora pattern guides you step by step on how to show your self as a seamstress / milliner… and promises no stress… OK… or for those of you who want to leave the fancy hats to the kids…there are plenty of hats for them too… or bags

Nicoles website is pretty good for hints and tips on sewing techniques too…. for anyone in Victoria, Australia she also runs hands on classes too….

Amy Butler

Now who said that quilting was for grandma…. hang your head in shame…. I am loving these quilts from Amy Butler’s “Gypsy Caravan” range… and the pattern for the first one is free to download.. you just need to source the fabrics and a little motivation and off an away you go…. there are plenty of other free downloadable patterns from Amy’s site as well as a list of global shop and online stockists of her fabric.
… also loving this quilt from the Gypsy Caravan Range below….
Also loving these cushions from the Cameo and Lark material range…..
Well now I am feeling a little inspired…. you may see a post in …. 2015 which shows the finished product…. but I will keep you posted!….meanwhile on with the colourful journey……..

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