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Getting Creative With a Little Quercus Style

You may recall one of my Friday interviews late last year was with the lovely Adam Jones from Sydney Wallpaper company Quercus & Co.  Well Adam, as a thank you kindly sent me a very generous sample of his beautiful “Tapestry” wallpaper (above)….. which has been elegantly waiting in the corner of my room for me to get creative and display it.

“Tapestry” – really gorgeous wallpaper – Thank you Adam

Now, when it comes to choosing colours and furniture for other peoples homes I am pretty decisive, but when it comes to my own it is like a builder, it never gets done. This is usually because I see so many things I want them all and then end up getting nothing. One such search was for something to place above the head of my bed…..and well Mr Jones’ wallpaper turned out to be just perfect.  Armed with three fantastic frame give to me by Santa ( my father) here is the outcome of my first creative project for 2013.

The “Before” awaiting the perfect something to hang on the wall.

Colour testing…i.e procrastinating about cutting up the paper! Well I only get one go!!

Measuring up -i.e. more procrastinating!!

One done, two to go need to take a rest on the arm chair….

Procrastinating with Instagram while measure up the other two!!! (Well Rome was not built in a day!)

Two down one to go…..

Mission complete just need hubby and a hammer…..

The finished article…. thank you so much Adam……loving them! My very own one off tapestry feature!

Mean while on with the colourful adventure………..


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Talking Japanese – Orient Style

Inspired by the fantastic Japanese cherry blossom (which admittedly is not quite in season yet!) I have put together a couple of images for some fun ways to add a little taste of the orient in your home, whether it be wallpaper, murals, furniture or something a little less permanent there is are a few ideas to cover all bases.

Based in Surrey Hills here in Sydney, Rock’oco Australia are an interiors company who have incorporated the Japanese influence into a couple of their furniture pieces and commissions.  Using Porters Paints specialist “Fresco” paints they have created the below feature wall….. now just need to convince some of my clients out of Dulux Hogs Bristle….

…or this statement “Lille” hand painted timber cabinet with printed canvas doors.

If a statement is what you want to make then how about this Gio Pagani Vintage Japanese Goldfish Wallpaper.

and for those of you who prefer a smaller taste of the Orient…. how about these Moooi “Emporor” light shades. Admittedly at just under $2000 they are not the cheapest lamp shades but those creative up cyclers amongst you could use them as inspiration.

Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa recently launched a new rage of his Japanese inspired rugs for the Designer Rug company. The Kiku rug is below is a bold bright addition to your room.

Or take a little inspiration from Little Owl Designs with their canvas plates Geisha style

Fauve Chinoise

Why stop at the home, why not be the envy of all with this Japanese Lunch box cover from  Upon a Fold.. perfect for disguising the ageing tupperware…Come time to eat and this handy wrap unfolds to be a placemat and hand towel too!


And if it all gets too much, then just put on that kettle grab your self a cup of Japanese Green Tea, this Maxwell and Williams Japanese inspired tea set….

…or maybe write a letter….  with these fun origami inspired memos also from upon a fold…..

Sayonara for now….. meanwhile on with the colourful journey…….

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Going Nautical – Thomas Paul

Born and raised in the Big Apple, Thomas Paul began his career in the fashion business in the mid 90’s working as an intern at DKNY. Paul then went on to specialise in neckwear and scarves whilst working as a colourist and designer for a silk mill, where he worked on collections for designers such as Oscar De la Renta, Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and his original intern base DKNY.

This evolved into the creation of Thomas Paul’s own neckwear collection in the late 90’s called “Digities”. The collection and brand has expanded from there with the start of the thomaspaul pillow collection, launched in 2001.  The idea of the pillows came about after Paul wanted to utilise the silk printing capabilities of the mill to be used on home accessories….. and still this idea expands with Paul wanting his products to cover every aspect of the home from the kitchen table, the bedroom, stationary and lamp shades….

With summer supposedly just around the corner for us in the southern hemisphere I thought I would give you a glimpse of some of Paul’s whimsical nautical designs…. which have that little bit of tongue in cheek humour that I love….if you like these then you may want to check out his other designs, and if you are in Australia or NZ you can purchase them at Gidd Agencies.

Well Nautical and water go hand in hand so why not start off here…. with a tall ship shower curtain to hide your rubber duck behind…

…and some matching towels to dry off from a long hard night at sea!!

And after a long day on the ocean waves you can curl up with Moby Dick or an Octopus and shells….. One of Paul’s signatures with his animal prints is that you can use them like a jigsaw puzzle to create the whole picture…. just like Moby Dick above….

… and when it gets a little bit wild out on them there seas….. you can throw on a throw….

And not to be left out, for the ships mate stuck in the galley, you can ensure your daily catch is served up with a little nautical class…..


… with tea towels above….. or placemats and anchor napkins below…


And a little something for you……

And for those who prefer to decorate themselves, Paul’s true roots are not forgotten with a range of scarves and shawls to match…

Well for now me hearty’s I will bid farewell….. on with the colourful journey….. but don’t forget to let me know what you think!


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Keeping and Eye on Ikat

The trend for Ikat is nothing new, both in terms of it’s origins, and in terms of it’s resurgence in the designs of current fashion and styles. It’s longevity and continual appearance in interior and fashion magazines is possibly due to the fact that, whilst it is distinctive in it’s style and bold patterns, it will sit alongside most styles and fashions quite comfortably.  Whether you are looking for a bohemian, tribal, or clean modern feel you can generally find something to suit.
Call me a little nosey, but I just love to know how something is created in it’s true form….and as a result of my snooping I stumbled upon this beautiful photo essay “Silk to Ikat. Artisans Along the Silk Road. Central Asia, Uzbekistan” by photographer Edward Addeo, which also won a place in the 2012 the World in Focus travel photography contest, which I though I would share (hope he does not mind), as well as a couple of ideas of how you can use at home…

The making of a traditional Ikat print is quite a process.  The Ikat’s colour pattern requires that the thread be dyed before it is woven. The method, called resist-dye, involves tightly binding the thread at intervals to protect the bound section from dyeing, resulting in only selective sections of the thread being coloured. This process is applied in one of three ways: dyeing of the warp (the vertical thread stretched along the loom), the weft (the horizontal thread woven across the loom) or thedouble Ikat method, whereby both the weft and warp threads are dyed before stringing on the loom and weaving begins.

All photo’s ©Edward Addeo – via

Ikat Style

Here are some of my favourite Ikat accessories and looks for the home…
Luke Irwin – Ikat rug collection
Anthro Anthro
 Watercolour Michele Varian handcrafted pillows for Anthropologie

A statement piece of furniture through to a wall covering….

…or just brighten up your kitchen window ledge, or drab office desk with these quirky ikat fabric bowls from Bansot on Etsy

BANSOT - ikat fabric bowl in orange
…..on with the colourful journey………

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Flea Market Storage

One thing everyone seems to complain about is that they never have enough storage. Possibly because we hate to throw out things – as you never know when the safari suit will come back in to fashion, or we will need to look at that December 1984 issue of Homes and Gardens magazine.

Pack your cases

Inspired by a little clip about  Ki Nassauer,  a “junk entrepreneur”, and her suitcase shelving below, I thought I would look at some fun ways to create storage using my favourite word of 2011 and 2012 “Upcycle”…..

Vintage luggage transformed into shelves by Ki Nassauer

Ki has taken the front part off of some vintage cases and reinforced the back with a plank of wood which she has attached to the wall to create a whimsical shelving solution….

…if your paper work is getting out of control, and your suitcases are getting too heavy for the airline weight restrictions, then how about repurposing them as a filing system…



…or a suitcase cabinet…


Blake Sloane – source apartmenttherapy

Crating New Space!

Using old wooden crates, or plastic ones for that modern look, you can create a little boxed shelve or three to house your favourite treasures.  You can even line them with your favourite wallpaper or print to add a little personal touch.

Source pinterest


apartmenttherapy – crate shelving

….or add a few casters for a moveable storage unit…

…Stacked palettes below also create the perfect storage solution for storing wine or plates….

Make room for the Kindle

For those of you who still harbour your book collection, how about these ideas for storing your copies of 50 Shades of Gray or Mills and Boon….

How about this idea from Shelterness, as the perfect way to use those ancient television receptacles!!, admittedly they are not for everyone, but could be quirky in a boys bedroom!

…or a little cart to carry your Enid Blytons…


or a dual purpose for this unsightly pipes….


Photo’s and Momento’s

Forget the fridge and cork board, how about using an old shutter to store your letters and mementos….



…or using vintage bottles for photo frames ….



Unwanted Toys….

Have you ever wondered what to do with your daughters dolls house when she becomes more interested in One Direction and Justin Beiber….OMG!… I love this idea of using it as a whimsical storage idea…. perfect for a boutique hotel perhaps?

or when the skateboard gets traded in for a motor.. or upgraded?….


And don’t forget the jam jar….

And for this small little storage solutions, don’t through out the pasta sauce and jam jars…… no doubt taking inspiration from the designer Alessi range of storage jars, these jars simply have a plastic toy attached and painted to match the lid, and hey presto….

…or how about the under utilised underside of shelves.  Just secure the lids and screw the jars into place for a secure storage solution… an oldie but a goodie..

Recycled storage jars | country style utility rooms | utility room ideas | laundry room ideas | housetohome

…I could go on…. but now over to you, which is your favourite?

And as for me… on with the colourful journey………


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Scientific Style

Think back to the days of high wooden benches, bunsen burners, test tubes, anatomical charts and petra dishes…. for those looking for a little vintage style… going back to school and experimenting in the science lab may just be the way to add a little vintage charm…. hopefully without the smell of sulphur and the boys at the back of the lab trying to set fire to some poor girls ponytail on the Bunsen Burner.

Here are some ideas for the scrap book.

A is for Anatomy

A simple way to add a little nostalgia is with the anatomy or periodic table charts and variations thereof.


Image source –

If you cannot find the originals then a really cheap trick is to use wrapping paper which you can purchase from museums or online stores for a few dollars, such as this “Anatomy Wrap” below from UK company Willow and Stone for a bargain three pounds!

… or an anatomical tea set by Lisa Turner for The New English….

Anatomica Tea Set Anatomica Breakfast Plate Anatomica Mug

C is for Chemistry

You can get creative with the glass jars and test tubes… making them into vases or drinking vessels (just make sure they are clean of chemicals before you fill them with freshly squeezed orange juice though!).


Images sourced from Frenchie and Flea (above) and Etsy (below)

Or think completely outside the block with this test tube chandelier by Pani Jurek on Etsy….

Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek by faye test tube chandelier with colored water by nita

And if you do need to fill your home with an adorable scent… then you can always invest in Page Thirty Three’s Essential Oil burner…

L is for Lab

And for those who like the full look here are a few Lab inspired interiors for the mood board……

Source – decorology

Using old science benches, stools and shelving to create a functional hard waring creative office space, or just taking the old school shelving to create the science masters office look below….. I love the rolls of brown paper to use as a table protector or renewable scribble pad!

Or indulge in the naturalist, with specimen jars and pictures…..(below…source and Sibella Court “Etc”)

Naturalist Design Ideas

 Enjoy experimenting……which is your favourite?

On with the colourful journey………….


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Hanging Up Some Brooklyn Style

I am loving this collaboration between Netherlands-based company NLXL  and Merci of Paris, who have created a new range of wallpaper called “The Brooklyn Tin”. As the name suggests, the paper has been designed to mimic the look of vintage painted tiles found in factories and warehouses in North America at the turn of the century…. and indeed many of the Australian terrace properties of the same period.

 Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper - 01

The paper comes in a range of looks from the rust through to the pastel paint shades of the era….

Enjoy stepping back in time….. on with the colourful journey………
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