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A floored obsession – Sonya Marish


Sometimes we become a little bit obsessed with decorating our walls and dressing windows and kind of forget about the floor.  Maybe we will throw down a rug, but rarely is there as much excitement about the flooring as the walls or a piece of furniture. A few years ago I stumbled upon an article about a store which has evolved from the passion of Byron Bay based designer Sonya Marish.

Sonya has the most amazing range of antique and reproduction tiles which have been sourced from her travels around the globe.

“Forever searching for those rarities, I was over the moon when I stumbled across some beautiful antique tiles that I had to have. Their history, beauty and imperfections were exactly what I was looking for.” Sonya Marish, Jatana Interiors.

Sonya began her hunt for the perfect tiles when she commenced styling her own bathroom.  From here an obsession started which grew into her business in Byron Bay Jatana Interiors….So if there is such a thing as tile porn then this is a good place to get your fix and who says that you have to stick to tiling the floor….. Let me know your thoughts.

austr home

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My favourite has to be when they are all mixed up to create a colourful festival…who says you have to stick to conformity.


Which is your favourite?….. Meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…..


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Stumble Upon – Nicole Porter’s Neon Style


I love these handmade bowls by New York designer Nicole Porter.  They are the perfect way to add a little colour to your table whatever season you are entering.  Using a mixture of graphic prints, and bold bright and fun colours, they are a simple way to add a little colour to your garden salad.


I also love the quirky tongue in cheek napery, after all who said the dinner table could not be fun! Whether you love your Citrus fruits…..


…you are appearing on Beauty or the Geek…..


….or you love your American home state…..and there is practically every state to choose from…


..just have some fun…meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…..


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Copper it up – Interiors with a metallic twist


There are a couple of themes which are running through the world of interiors (and fashion come to think of it!) for 2013, one being the colour of emerald green which was crowned Pantone colour of the year for 2013.  Another being pastels with a modern geometric twist …oh …and a little bit of floral!!  We could be forgiven for thinking it has all gone back to the eighties…fortunately not!!

One of the other trends for the year has to be the perfect compliment to these, being the metallic allure of copper… Whether you are looking for a luxurious accent, or something with a bit of industrial edge, then copper may be the perfect solution.  Unfortunately, in it’s raw form it is a pretty scarce commodity and has a pretty high cost to it, but there are plenty of products on the market which mimic the copper allure…. or if you are lucky enough to have some old disused piping lying around then there are some great ideas below.

Going all out copper

If a hint of copper is not your thing then you could go all out with some of the veneers and metal effects on the market to create something a little like the kitchen below…. or if money is no object for your opulent mansion then how about a copper bath to soak away your worries!



Subtle touch

If the all out copper bling is not your thing then bring forth the trusty accent, which lets face it is easily updated when….. well copper is no longer the latest thing……



pinterest small touch in a simple bathroom


And if Repurpose is your thing….


copper pinterest_5


Just mixing it up with colour…..

Complimenting blues


…or giving drama to the darks…..

Where would you use copper?….meanwhile I am going to get on my little copper bike and carry on with the colourful adventure……


Bike by Van Heesh Design

all pictures sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise stated


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Cubist Inspiration – Picasso meets Fashion

1257 pic

One of my favourite periods with respect to artistic movements, was that of the Cubist era.  Artists such as George Braque and Picasso.  Never having been one for a Landscape oil, or painting of the Mona Lisa, I loved the idea of Cubism which argued that painting in the two dimensional does not show you the whole aspect of the object, so bringing you verious angles to the front of the canvas…but that is enough of my very very rusty art history lesson….and I will hand over to show you the photography of Eugenio Recuenco, who has taken some of Picasso’s “ladies”paintings and used these as inspiration for a pretty interesting fashion shoot.







If you have a little time then check out Eugenio’s website, there are some amazing shoots on there… I love this shot….


I love it when someone takes an inspiration of another era and brings it into the modern day with a whole new twist and excitement… let me know your thoughts….. meanwhile on with the colourful journey….


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Brittany Watson Jepsen – “Creative mess is better than tidy idleness”


When asked what she always bought home from her travels, the answer was an illustrated children’s book.  And where would she most like to travel… Vienna to dress up in full costume and take part in “The Sound of Music Singalong Tour”.  With answers like that it is easy to see where the whimsical comes in to Californian designer and blogger, Brittany Watson Jepson’s, creations. I also love her mums favourite quote…”a creative mess is better than tidy idleness”….. I must try that one when the dining room table looks like an explosion in a fabric factory.


Taking these words of wisdom literally, Brittany has spent childhood through to adulthood creating artwork and music, designing for Tiffany and Co, writing for Design Sponge and indeed her own blog “The house that Lars Built” to name but a few.

In amongst all of this Brittany has a way with paper which I just love, and I have fallen in love with the oversized paper flowers which are the perfect way to add a little whimsy and colour to a room.



…Loving her display at a Danish Embassy function……. how good would this look for a wedding.



These flower creations first came about after Brittany had one as her bouquet at her own wedding (See header photo).

And for those of you who love to make a “creative mess and leave behind your tidy idleness” (I can see I am going to get a lot of use out of this quote), then you should look no further that Brittany’s fun little DIY projects such as making a snow dome cake topper, or a Bouquet with a little difference… who says baubles are just for christmas!!!!


Let me know what you think…. meanwhile on with the colourful journey…………


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Danish Style – Bringing Warmth a Cool Colour Palette

Host 4

The grey palette is ever increasing in popularity as the colour scheme of the moment, however it is tricky to make greys, which can be quite “cold”, invite you with warmth.  I am loving the Danish restaurant “Host” which was designed by Danish interior design company Norm.  They describe their style so eloquently

“Norm was responsible for the interior design of Höst. [Norm] has created an organic environment in an urban setting. Guests enter into a warm and inviting space and are met with the unmistakable sense of Scandinavian cosiness, while everything is also a bit weathered. Materials that age gracefully are in focus – recycled wood that has washed up on the west coast, granite in uneven pieces, concrete with clear structures and deviations, old cast iron and dented zinc. All of this is offset by a warm trickling light, soft wool rugs and lambskin.”

I just want to get there and snuggle right in!  I am also in love with their collection of dinnerware which was designed in collaboration with Danish design house Menu.  The following photos are a collaboration of Danish design blogger Emma Fexeus and Norm architect / photographer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Host 1

Host 2

Host 3

HOst 5

Host 6

Host 8

Host 9




Let me know what you think….meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…..


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Sari Style – The Upcycle Way

ELTE booth IDS 2012

The season of interior trade fairs has hit Sydney with a vengeance, and ever eager that my achy feet will find a couple of gems upon my travels between the cushions and the curtains, this year I stumbled upon the ultimate in upcycling.  To be honest I hate the idea of waste and love it when something is repurposed, but it isn’t very often the word upcycle and beauty fall into the same sentence.  That is until I saw these fab rugs which have been made from recycled sari silks, often producing really interesting and colourful results.


source – artforhousewives

The rugs, which are made by artisans in India, are created from recycled sari silk.  The saris are unravelled by hand and then reborn as they are woven into new, colourful and interesting patterns.  The hand made quality makes each one unique….. they are also incredibly soft so if you can bear to have them on the floor ( as opposed to the wall) they would make a very cosy spot to cuddle up with a book and a cuppa……


Sari Rug Industrial Lighting

elte sari rug pink


images sari

elte new sari rugs

Enjoy the colour… meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…………

(source for pictures –  ABC carpets and home collection, Elte, artforhousewives, thecuratedhouse)


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