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Friday Find – Chandelier

I love something a little bit quirky and one of my favourite designers Young & Battaglia always come up trumps.  I am loving these miniature chandelier lights, the perfect addition for a talking point whether it be a bathroom with a difference, a sophisticated restaurant or a opulent styling idea for a wedding of royal standards…. on with the colourful adventure…. Have a great weekend……



Nursery Rhymes

Well finally I have a little bit of a routine going with my now eight month old, and thought it was about time that I stop procrastinating and get back on the blogging horse…. While my searches for new ideas have predominantly been taken up with getting well and truly sucked into the world of how much you can possibly buy for a new born, or googling “sleep deprived”, “introducing solids” and “what nappy DOES NOT explode for heaven’s sake!” to name but a few, I have been trying to keep my hand in the interior world.  And what better excuse than a nursery! After all what easier client can you have than a new born baby…. who does not know high street from designer….. hopefully they will stay this way – well he has not complained yet anyway!

So here are a few pictures for the album of nursery design, although I am yet to work out how to keep an active baby from summersaulting on a change mat!  All answers on a postcard please!


Big ted and little ted…..


I love the scandinavian style and design and was so excited by this gift from my brother and dad.  It is called a bednest and is seriously the best bassinet. It attaches to your bed and the side drops down for easy access, which is perfect if you are a little sore…. worth every penny!


Some serious logistics had to go into this one, I had hubby well trained going into the rafters to attach these little beauties.

I did get very good at barking orders at my handy man (AKA hubby) in my beached whale state from my rocking chair below…. very comfortable!!


A little shrine to my English heritage in the corner with a little bit of Beatrix Potter and a Harrods bear.  Harrods make one for every year and my sister in law gave this as a present to Jamie.  It has the year embroidered on his foot and celebrates a character from Harrods past, for 2014 it was the original Harrod’s delivery man.


Yes…many an hour has been spent in this chair……


Meet Monkey and Barty Bear….. never to be parted from them at bed time….. very glad I have a couple of spares in the cupboard for when they have been sucked into oblivion and need a little session in the washing machine!


I have even take some inspiration from talents such as Tara Badcock (although I am by no means in her league!) and had a go at making a few embroideries…. the perfect past time to keep me from over indulging on online shopping sprees when I was too big to move more than a couple of inches from the couch! Yes Tara, I don’e think you need to worry!!!!


Well someone seems to like it…..


And well to finish… a little motto for over his bed, given as a christening gift… and well it is all I can hope for….


On with the colourful adventure…..xxxx


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Copper it up – Interiors with a metallic twist


There are a couple of themes which are running through the world of interiors (and fashion come to think of it!) for 2013, one being the colour of emerald green which was crowned Pantone colour of the year for 2013.  Another being pastels with a modern geometric twist …oh …and a little bit of floral!!  We could be forgiven for thinking it has all gone back to the eighties…fortunately not!!

One of the other trends for the year has to be the perfect compliment to these, being the metallic allure of copper… Whether you are looking for a luxurious accent, or something with a bit of industrial edge, then copper may be the perfect solution.  Unfortunately, in it’s raw form it is a pretty scarce commodity and has a pretty high cost to it, but there are plenty of products on the market which mimic the copper allure…. or if you are lucky enough to have some old disused piping lying around then there are some great ideas below.

Going all out copper

If a hint of copper is not your thing then you could go all out with some of the veneers and metal effects on the market to create something a little like the kitchen below…. or if money is no object for your opulent mansion then how about a copper bath to soak away your worries!



Subtle touch

If the all out copper bling is not your thing then bring forth the trusty accent, which lets face it is easily updated when….. well copper is no longer the latest thing……



pinterest small touch in a simple bathroom


And if Repurpose is your thing….


copper pinterest_5


Just mixing it up with colour…..

Complimenting blues


…or giving drama to the darks…..

Where would you use copper?….meanwhile I am going to get on my little copper bike and carry on with the colourful adventure……


Bike by Van Heesh Design

all pictures sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise stated


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Spice of Life – Indian Interior Influence



India is synonymous as the country of colours. whether it be the colourful culture, the streets, the tales that you hear told, the religious symbolism or the sari’s and jewels. From the deep reds of a wedding dress, the orange marigolds displayed in celebrations, or the spices and dyes that laden the markets.

Source – Open Travel


Source (Calcutta Holi Best)

One commentator on colour has suggested that;

“a country as diverse and culturally vibrant as India, it is perhaps the common, simple expressions of colour that hold together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions. The symbolism of colour stands out and controls every aspect of life in India, be it religion, politics, festivals, or celebrations. In India, be it the north, south, west, or east, colour and culture go hand in hand.”

So in honour of this vibrance, and perhaps because I am writing this on a very grey day in Sydney, I thought I would showcase a few interiors and accessories which take inspiration from this celebration of colour and culture.

From using a dash of celebration to bring to life a predominantly white space.

Source ElleDecor

Source ElleDecor

I love this idea to make a small child’s room seem spacious, it certainly beats a racing car bed or an over explosion of pink! New york based interior Photographer Pieter Estersohn has created a little palace for his son by creating a wallpaper from one of his photographs….

Source Elle Decor - Photograph Pieter Estersohn

Source Elle Decor – Photograph Pieter Estersohn

Maison Coloniale

Maison Coloniale

Spicy Accessories

Kerrie Brown - Indian Princess with Lute

From these unique and whimsical blinds by Sydney designer Kerrie Brown.

Kerrie Brown Indian Rider Blind

To recycled vintage Sari Quilt covers from Niki Jones

vintagekanthaquilts -

Vintage Kantha Quilts – Niki Jones

My favourite has to be this light shade from Kerrie Brown…..

Kerrie Brown Indian Princess with Lute Lampshade

Kerrie Brown Indian Princess with Lute Lampshade

Hand blown glass pendants from Rockett St George are the perfect way to add a subtle flavour of indian colour to your home.



Or on a cold day snuggle up in these kantha quilts from

Vintage Kantha Throw -

Which is your favourite?…. mean while on with the colourful adventure..


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Industrial Lace


I have posted on the use of lace in interior design previously, but far from the doily or net curtain style, I am loving the fusion of lace with an industrial look, using materials such as concrete, metal and more textural materials which take it away from it’s more delicate stereotype…. Here are a few of my favourites…

Jo Gibbs – etching onto slate and wood



Lace Lighting – which casts a beautiful shadow around your room…


Source – Rockett St George


Source – Rockett St George


Wallpaper – Young &Battaglia Lace iron fence


Something for the bedroom………………….


Hand screen painting cushions from Rockett St George

…and I love this find on Pinterest for the Lace headboard….. not sure where you would find lace on this scale….


And finally a felt rug by Polish designer Agnieszka Czop which plays on the polish tradition of the doily.

Agniezka Czop - Lace felt rug

Feeling a little inspired to raid the linen cupboard now!…Meanwhile on with the colourful adventure……


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Danish Style – Bringing Warmth a Cool Colour Palette

Host 4

The grey palette is ever increasing in popularity as the colour scheme of the moment, however it is tricky to make greys, which can be quite “cold”, invite you with warmth.  I am loving the Danish restaurant “Host” which was designed by Danish interior design company Norm.  They describe their style so eloquently

“Norm was responsible for the interior design of Höst. [Norm] has created an organic environment in an urban setting. Guests enter into a warm and inviting space and are met with the unmistakable sense of Scandinavian cosiness, while everything is also a bit weathered. Materials that age gracefully are in focus – recycled wood that has washed up on the west coast, granite in uneven pieces, concrete with clear structures and deviations, old cast iron and dented zinc. All of this is offset by a warm trickling light, soft wool rugs and lambskin.”

I just want to get there and snuggle right in!  I am also in love with their collection of dinnerware which was designed in collaboration with Danish design house Menu.  The following photos are a collaboration of Danish design blogger Emma Fexeus and Norm architect / photographer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Host 1

Host 2

Host 3

HOst 5

Host 6

Host 8

Host 9




Let me know what you think….meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…..


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Flag Lighting – Moya Delany Style

Source Design Files

Moya and her Nato shades – Source Design Files

Melbourne based artist, designer and creator Moya Delany certainly has a very creative eye, and her background is just as colourful and diverse as her creations.  From a student of fine art, through to jewellery and accessory design which saw her in top fashion magazines in the UK, US and Australia… you know Vogue, Harpers Bizarre, Elle….. pretty impressive.

She also had a chance encounter with Debbie Harry ( Blondie) and a NY fashion buyer which got her style noticed by some equally high profile stockists such as Barneys no less.  Moya’s website is well worth a look as is a recent interview on Design Files with Lucy Feagins, which talks about her dream to design Richard Branson’s galactic space lounge… there is a dream.  ( I am quite happy to make the sandwiches if you succeed and need a caterer!!)

Whilst Moya still dabbles in her costume jewellery, I am loving her new focus which is creating architectural objects for interiors and custom lighting, especially her oversized NATO lampshades which are made from vintage NATO and US flags….Some of the flags date back to 1895…. so a real vintage repurpose.  The shades are available through Melbourne store Safari Living.


Let me know what you think… meanwhile on with the colourful adventure……..


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