Flag Lighting – Moya Delany Style

11 Feb
Source Design Files

Moya and her Nato shades – Source Design Files

Melbourne based artist, designer and creator Moya Delany certainly has a very creative eye, and her background is just as colourful and diverse as her creations.  From a student of fine art, through to jewellery and accessory design which saw her in top fashion magazines in the UK, US and Australia… you know Vogue, Harpers Bizarre, Elle….. pretty impressive.

She also had a chance encounter with Debbie Harry ( Blondie) and a NY fashion buyer which got her style noticed by some equally high profile stockists such as Barneys no less.  Moya’s website is well worth a look as is a recent interview on Design Files with Lucy Feagins, which talks about her dream to design Richard Branson’s galactic space lounge… there is a dream.  ( I am quite happy to make the sandwiches if you succeed and need a caterer!!)

Whilst Moya still dabbles in her costume jewellery, I am loving her new focus which is creating architectural objects for interiors and custom lighting, especially her oversized NATO lampshades which are made from vintage NATO and US flags….Some of the flags date back to 1895…. so a real vintage repurpose.  The shades are available through Melbourne store Safari Living.


Let me know what you think… meanwhile on with the colourful adventure……..


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